Call, text, or email us! Lets work out a price for your custom project!


We're Flexible. Payment can be made easily through paypal or cash.


Please be thoughtful and give a heads-up in advance.  If you are running late just call and let us know.

Ownership and Privacy

Recording Artists and clients retain ownership for all songs/audio/lyrics that are edited or recorded at Platinum Wolfe Studios.  We like to send out reels to new clients.  Sending out recorded materialis on an artist's permission basis only.  Also, Platinum Wolfe Studios believes in customer confidentiality.  Your name will not be given out to any businesses to be bought or sold under any circumstances.  

*Any damages caused by you the client/artist to property, equipment, or anything else owned by Platinum Wolfe Studios is the financial responsibility of you the client/artist.  Treat our stuff the way you'd treat your stuff.  If all of your stuff is messed up, then never mind, just be cool with ours!  By booking time with Platinum Wolfe Studios you agree to all of the terms listed on this page. 

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